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Marketing, consulting

Marketing, consulting - a set of marketing methods that are aimed at creating and distributing the most exciting material to attract potential customers.

Marketing, consulting is aimed at long-term cooperation, not a one-time sale.

Comprehensive work and strategy

Do not confuse marketing, consulting with the usual advertising. This is not an annoying form of hard sell at any cost. The purpose of Marketing, consulting is to establish mutually beneficial contacts. The work is built in such a way that users recognize the company, and most importantly, trust it. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to continue the relationship already in the financial direction.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a complex mechanism that consists of a large number of particles. It is productive provided that each part of it functions correctly, complementing each other. Only with the correct operation of all its components, content marketing will be effective. The foundation of content marketing is strategy and consistency. It is necessary to regularly update materials and post relevant content. If interesting articles are published extremely rarely, and β€œempty” text is posted weekly β€œfor show”, then it is pointless to hope for an effect in the form of attracting customers.

About Us

Creating the best brand experience. We create a single semantic field around the brand. We do not guess, but design the experience of interaction with the company and know how, when and why people will make a choice in your favor.

The company has formed a team of partners, each of which is responsible for a separate area of the agency's activities and coordinates the work of the relevant specialists. This solution allows us to achieve the best results in each of the areas of the agency's work and achieve goals with common efforts.

Marketing consulting companies

Marketing consulting services are needed in those situations when you decide to open a new business, launch a new product or rebrand, when you need to set clear marketing goals that solve business goals, and tasks to achieve them, when the current strategy stops producing results, when you need to improve customer relationships and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

What are the benefits of consulting

After our consultations, you will stop wasting time and money on advertising and projects that do not give results. You will understand what opportunities your business has for growth within the current financial possibilities. You will receive a strategy with a clear time plan and an understanding of how to track results.

What do you need to start working on marketing consulting?

Before starting consulting tasks, it is necessary to develop a brand platform with a clear positioning and a competent promotion strategy. We contribute to the fulfillment of marketing tasks, help to stabilize or increase income.

Long-term effect of loyalty

To get started, a business needs to prove its competence in the eyes of potential customers. After users form an opinion about the company, trust appears. Thanks to him, the client shows loyalty to the business, which he later exchanges for money. It is worth remembering that all these processes take more than one week. Therefore, the commercial result is manifested not earlier than in 2-4 months.

Find out the cost of the project

Write to us about the project, we will contact you for a detailed discussion. We respond to all requests without exception. We work outside the boundaries of geography and time zones.


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Write to us

a decision was made to open a new business or direction;

expanding customer relationships is required;

it is possible to set clear goals and objectives in business;

there is an intention to bring a new brand to the market or a re-rendering is required;

a completely new strategic plan needs to be developed;

increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns;

determine and evaluate the performance indicators of the company;

completely new ideas for business development are required;

Features of our approach

We not only help build a working system for profit, but also contribute to the formation of a strong brand that is protected from competitors, fluctuations in demand and other market disturbances. In our work, we use all available tools to solve the client's problems, not limited to marketing techniques.

We pass each proposed solution through the prism of the possibility of implementation in practice. We take into account the available budget and offer only what you can afford and what is likely to pay off in the long run.

If we understand that the proposed solution will not work in practice, we look for other ways to achieve the goal. In our work, we rely on what we believe in and do not take on projects if we understand that we cannot be effective and useful in solving certain problems.


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